Thank you to wonderful and gifted artist-poet Christine Kysely, I today discover this wonderful painter.  It’s my new coup-de-coeur.
Something about her paintings reminds me of beloved Edward Hopper (1882-1967) whose retrospective in Paris recently was amazing.
British born artist Jacqueline Osborn captures strong, graphic and compelling images in her present series of paintings entitled Moments in Time.

Although Jacqueline has lived in California for half of her life she admits that England will always be home to her and that she is fortunate that she can return fairly often.

Her work communicates precious every-day moments that tell a story of another era, place, and generation. Her warm and restrained palette suggests a mood of times gone by—out of reach, elusive moments that are captured on her canvases.

“I think ex-pats have a quiet yearning to go back home and I’ve realized that through the process of research to finished painting, I do, in a way, reconnect with my roots. I revisit a past generation—familiar places, scenes, and events that I weave into each piece. I find a lot of satisfaction in this and , of course, I love to paint. The themes are pretty universal and I hope the viewer will find something of themselves and their own stories in my paintings.”

That’s her selfportrait

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