Sit Haiiro is an Artist from the Netherlands. After working as a digital creative for commercial companies, Sit decided to stop this madness in 2008 and went back to head and handcraft to slice away the fat. The following works were collected from his on going project called Haiiro. For further understanding of these illustrations, check out his description:

“Where the calm surroundings provide more opportunity for decision making, rather than being driven by the fast moving winds of change.”

That phrase reminds me a lot of the choice I made to live and work outside the city…  A good choice, indeed.

His work provides a unique yet emotional context of finding ourselves. Who are we really? Inspirationfeed!

Don’t know what he wanted to explain, really.  But who cares right?  Art is Art and his vision is somewhat different and interesting.  The feline is stunning to me.  If only for that one, he deserves this mention!

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