I’ve always been a mess when I see animal suffering…  Go figure…

The sight of a little helpless thing, being sad or scared, the effort an animal can make to survive, the horses racing or – as in WAR HORSE – finding his way home through war and hell, put me into pieces.  Yet, I don’t want to avoid that pain because it reaches a part of me otherwise not touchable.

I’ve learned that, a long time ago, when Stradivarius violins were made, they used the cat’s intestines because the sound was most perfect.  I always thought – as the Egyptians who consider them gods – that cats had something special, from I-dont-know-where.  Carrying the music of Vivaldi, Bach and other God-sent musicians is a great privilege.  So, next time you look at a cat, think about that…

Here are two photos:  the fist one is about a bird mourning beside his dead buddy.  I saw the video, it’s heartbreaking.

The second, it’s little Mickey who was on « animal death row » in the States and was supposed to be euthanized yesterday.  He’s so helpless, weeny and afraid!  He was finally taken to a foster home, but is sick… time will tell.  He is now eternal, as part of the iCloud.

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