« When someone you love disappears, it’s like the light goes dim, and you’re in the shadows.  You try to do what people tell you:  put one foot in front of the other;  keep looking up; give yourself over to the seconds and minutes and hours.  But always there’s that glimmer of light that way of living you once knew sort of faded and smoky like the crescent moon on a winter’s night when the air is full of ice and clouds, but still there, hanging just over your head.  You think it’s not far.  You think at any moment you can reach out and grab it. »

Lee Martin  (The Bright Forever)

And may I add:  you have this hole in the middle, right in your solar plexus, and people are asking you how you are and they expect you to say fine, and you learn to live with that.

These beautiful photos remind me of that feeling.  It’s beautiful.  It’s deserted.  There’s light at the end.

And it’s totally up to you to enjoy the ride and make the best of it…

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