WTF, it’s Friday.  So, I regress a little.  Came across this FaceB page called « Intelligent, classy, well-educated women who say f… a lot ».

So I related.  Because yes, sometimes, when in despair, I swear…

Probably keeps the stress away and helps me ventilate.  Important to ventilate.  If not, one becomes ill.

Who wants to be ill, right?

So, here are a few of their posts that made me giggle today.  Some people drink after work, some people go to sleep, others wander around, looking for trouble.  I giggle. Sometime with a glass of white wine in my hand.  All the time with my Mac on my lap.

And I also Pin a lot – like in Pinterest – What did you think?  Shame on you…

Pinterest is my new drug.  Powerful.  For the imagination, for the soul, for the door it opens on the world of Images.  My world.

Chin Pin my friends!

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