Again, to salute her 50 years of absence, and because she is immortal, and because the camera loved her.

She is Timeless.  I look at her photos today and I still think she was drop-dead gorgeous, had the world at her feet and was very, very unhappy.

She WAS and still IS, the one-and-only, the once-in-a-lifetime: MARILYN MONROE

1948 /Still a teenager.   Still Norma Jean Baker, her real name.  And still married to Jim Dogherty.

1952  Marilyn is born again

1954.  Yes, she loved reading and was not the fling blonde.

The famous, infamous calendar cover.   Women were Oh-So-Chocked!

1960…and then she fell for Yves.  But then, who wouldn’t have fallen for him?  French lover, womanizerx10!  Married to Simone Signoret, the reverso of her!

In 1999, this dress- worn in 1953 « Gentlemen Prefer Blondes » – was sold for 1.3 millions.  She is the XXthCentury biggest Icon.

Lee Strasberg, her acting coach, says that she was the best actress he met, putting her on the same level as Marlon Brando.

Maybe she is now Poo-Poo-Pedooing St-Peter and his friends!

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