The impossible story.  One who marveled the world.  Won the Triple Crown by 31 laps.  31 lenghts !!!  He was not running.  He was flying! 39 miles an hour that was!  Beatiful, heart-felt story.  Ronnie Turcotte, the jockey and Lucien Laurin, trainer.  Two francophones, canadiens.  Great story, supernatural!  When he passed away, they discovered that his heart was double the size of a normal one.  So, maybe we are as big as our heart!

His name was SECRETARIAT alias Big Red.  1970-1989

Disney made a wonderful film.  Rent or buy it, but watch it!  Make sure you keep the moovie rolling after it’s over.  You will discover original footage, and a clip of the song.  Enjoy!

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