All three have something in common:  TALENT.  And WHIZZ and PIZZAZZ and WHOOMPH.

KRISTINA MARIA is the new hot author-composer-singer to watch.  2012 should be the beginning of something big.  From my mouth to God’s ears.

Stormy MILA KUNIS is a bright, sexy, talented young actress that should make a difference in the movie industry.  She is fun and hot in FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS next to Justin Timberlake.  She is now a DIOR spokeperson and model.  Not bad…

Last but not least, KIM KARDASHIAN.  Think what you want, she is beautiful.  And she surely is making the most of what she has!  Her new perfume is called TRUE REFLEXION.  Considering her 78 days marriage, and zooming divorce,  it is a good title.  Peace be with her in 2012.

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