« K » is definitely is their lucky letter transformed in a lucky number for them all.  Their names all start and finish with K….  Great branding.

It first started with Kim being the star of the family.  They now all have their own show, plots and fans.  Step-father Bruce Jenner and sons-in-law included!   And this Season 6, Kendall, of the two young sisters turning teen-model !

I love there show and the huge sense of humor and woomph chutzpah  that they all have.

I love the way they handle what God gave them:  a face, a drive, a huge appetite for fame and fortune.  And being proud of all that.  Making the most of themselves in front of millions.

Of course, Kris Jenner, the mom,  is the centerpiece of all that.  I great gal.  Opiniated and down-to-earth.  Business oriented.  Rarely taking no for an answer.   A great lesson in marketing.  She should get a degree.  And Ryan Seacrest, the producer!  Well… he is also laughing all his way to the bank!  GOOD FOR THEM!

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