I recently saw a photo of Anna Wintour, the Queen of Fashionistas, and by golly, it was very – very – how to say it … plain Jane.  Yes.  Brown hair, bad teeth, very so-so indeed.

Then, she mooves to NY, becomes rich and famous with VOGUE USA and becomes an icon.  A personna.  Always dressed up to her best, custom hairstyle that became her signature, and well, a certain glow.

Of course, she always wears shades.  Rumors has it that her eyesight is not good, and going worst.  Family problem.   Well, If here is one of us out there knowing what Fashion is all about, one of us maniacs always looking for the-now-and-the-next Fashion must-have and it-bag, it’s her!  No competion!  So, she sees well…

Salute to you Queen Anna!  Keep us on our toes!  I read your agenda and lifestyle, and it’s quite something:  up at 5:45 – not 6am – 5:45.  Then tennis, then hair&makeup, then office by 8am.  All this with hired help, of course…  Protein eater, she avoids carbs and wine and desserts.

Did you know dear Anna that DESSERTS is STRESSED spelled backward?

No, Anna doesn’t wear Prada.  The Devil does…

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