Children’s Dreams And Fantasies Captured By Rhiannon Logsdon

‘Tis a lame and sorry child that doesn’t dream of fighting and riding dragons. And Rhiannon Logsdon helps them achieve their dreams, if only in photographs. The children in her pictures are transformed into creatures of fantasy, like fairies (one girl even became the Red Riding Hood). Others just get to experience things like riding a dinosaur. Everyone knows children are partial to dinosaur rides!

Rhiannon Logsdon is a photographer from Austin, Texas. She specializes in maternity, newborn and child fine art portraiture. “Children grow and change so quickly. I love to capture not just what they look like on the outside, but who they are in that moment.” Logsdon wrote in a post on Bored Panda. “Their favorite toys, books and dreams inspire each session. From riding dinosaurs to fighting dragons, finding inspiration in child photography is easy, you just have to listen.”

More info: | facebook (h/t: boredpanda)

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