It’s my playground.

In real life, I don’t play… I work, read, study, cook, drive, sleep, walk, travel.  But I don’t play perse.  Golf, tennis, cards, name it:  I just don’t do play.  BUT…  I Pinterest.  That’s my way of playing.  So, for those of my friends who wonder why, here are a few reasons stated by Blogging Social Media.

When it comes to social networks, Pinterest is the baby of the bunch. But this baby has matured more quickly than any other social network before it, quickly climbing the ranks and earning it a spot as the third more popular social network.

Even though Pinterest is new, it still contains a great deal of fun and exciting information. The following are 33 fun facts about Pinterest.

1.     Pinterest was launched in 2010 by Ben Silberman, Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra.

2.     Over 68% of all Pinterest users are female.

3.     50% of Pinterest users have children.

4.     The average Pinterest user has a household income over $100,000.

5.     Pinterest has more referral traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined.

6.     Pinterest sees 1.36 million visitors every day.

7.     The main demographic of Pinterest users range between the ages of 25 and 34, followed closely by those who are aged 35 to 44.

8.     Over 80% of all Pinterest pins come from repins.

9.     The average user will spend just over 15 minutes on Pinterest per visit.

10. 97% of those who “like” Pinterest on Facebook are women.

11. It is found that Pinterest pins that contain pricing are repinned more often than those that don’t.

12. The number of Pinterest users who access the site per day has increased by 145% since January 1, 2012.

13. When a person shops from Pinterest, they spend twice as much money as they do while shopping from Facebook.

14. The average order amount placed through Pinterest is $80.

15. The most popular pin categories are crafts, recipes and quotes.

16. Pinterest reached 10 million users in 1/3 of the time it took Twitter to do the same.

17. Pinterest is the 16th most visited website in the United States.

18. 85% of all Pinterest users have gone to college.

19. Pinterest influenced 10% of online sales.

20. Most Pinterest users live in the Midwest.

21. Over 1/5 of Facebook users are on Pinterest.

22. Etsy is the top corporate board on Pinterest.

23. Pinterest was not expecting to become so popular so quickly, and in January 2011, the iPhone app crashed because it couldn’t handle the traffic.

24. Pinterest is engaging users 2-3 times more than Twitter.

25. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is on Pinterest.

26. 20% of people who are connected to Pinterest through Facebook access the site every day.

27. Websites can block their content and their images from being pinned to Pinterest.

28. 57% of Pinterest users search for recipes.

29. The average US Pinterest user follows an average of 9 retailers on Pinterest.

30. 25% of Fortune Global 100 companies are on Pinterest.

31. The majority of Pinterest users in the US are female; the majority of Pinterest users in the UK are male.

32. If a company finds that their images have been placed on Pinterest and they don’t want them there, they can contact Pinterest and have them removed.

33. Pinterest won two awards at the 2012 Webby Awards: best social media app and people’s voice award.

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