Watching ROME ADVENTURE on TV.  A 1962 I had seen when it came out. And I still think about it at times when I hear the theme song:  « AL DI LÀ » who also crossed Time with grace.

SUZANNE PLESHETTE, TROY DONAHUE, ROSANNO BRAZZI, ANGIE DICKINSON.  First three are dead.  Last one disapeared from the cameras a while ago.  All born in the early ’30.

Wonderful, light and romantic film where they are still so present, so much alive!  Rome and Lago Magiore are still the same.  Fashion is still up-to-date.  They are young, eternal.

That’s the magic of cinematography.  And that’s why I love it so much.

It freezes time.  And make them Timeless…

To their memories!

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