Film fascination ran in my family as far as I can remember.

My mother would talk about stars from Hollywood and France, Dad would introduce me to English cinema.  I lived in a sea of images, film and music.  Like in « Radio Days », Woody Allen’s perfect illustration of an era gone by.

Started with my grandfather who took me to my first real adult-like film with Marily Monroe called « The Prince and the Showgirl ».  We were summering in Maine, where we could get in theatres at a very young age.

So, when I come across these newly released 1920′ photos of pioneer Hollywood stars, it seems to me they are familiar.  Close to faces in the old photo books we look at sometimes in our lives.  When you come about cleaning and clearing one’s past…

Here is a tribute to those who were and who still are.  In French, it’s called ÊTRE ET AVOIR ÉTÉ.

FIRST, May Pickford, a Canadian born in Toronto, co-founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS).  Read about a biopic coming out soon

Charlie Chaplin and Jacquie Coogan in THE KID

Greta Garbo and John Gilbert

Rudolf Valentino and Natacha Rambova

Lilian Gish

Clara Bow

The world famous MGM lion filmed and recorded for immortality.

Laurel & Hardy

Ramon Navaro in Ben Hur

Louise Brooks

Pola Negri

And, for those who wish to pursue, here is a site full of them.  Theda Bara, Tallulah Bankhead and more.

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