Her name is one of a star and that’s exactly what she is.

Her blog is stunning. She must be doing that full-time, when not being also a talented painter/illustrator!  Aka: an Artist.

I don’t know her personnaly, but it’s easy to know someone by looking at what they like, what they post. And I totally love what she puts online, be it her blog or her Pinterest page.

Here are a few of her favorite things.  She has thousands of it, and so many followers to enjoy what she does.  As I tremendously do.

The legend under the photo says it’s her sending a kiss… Totally matches her extremely good taste.

And two of her recent paintings.

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  1. Ahhh- you are tres’ magnifique and very sweet! I found it I found your blog! What a delight and surprise for me! Thank you so very much! I better get translate or continue working on my french! Thank you for such kindness! i must explore you and your fabulous self and blog! Thank you again! ZsaZsa

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