FAMOUS IRON CHEF MORIMOTO says he ate sperm and guts.  Even gives out recipes!

Sperm and Guts Recipes by Morimoto and Nobu

When it comes to fish sperm, the answer is: swallow.When it comes to fish sperm, the answer is: swallow.

Photo: Joe DiStefano; Michael Tulipan

Last night at the Condé Nast Traveler Awards, Morimoto wouldn’t make a peep about The Next Iron Chef, laughing, « No. They’re going to sue me. » He wasn’t the least bit shy when we asked him about the most exotic fish he’s ever tried, though: « You know, fish brain and fish sperm, and of course, fish eyes. And fish guts and blood. » He even gave Grub a very helpful fish-guts recipe!

« Marinate with salt maybe a week, just make salt and chop with some fish we call shiokara. Yeah, it’s good with a drink. » Got that? Nobu Matsuhisa, big on eyeballs and guts, too, generously offered his personal sperm recipe. « Just quick boil, but it’s not cooked 110 percent. Sperm, you only use the fresh one; it’s almost eaten raw. » Speaking of fun times, Nobu says that besides the Nobu Hotel opening in Vegas next summer, his team is looking for more hotel locations … which will hopefully offer just basic room service.

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