On disait:  « Rimmel » en parlant de mascara.

Quand?  Y’a longtemps certes, mais pas si longtemps que ça si l’on considère Platon.

Aujourd’hui, Kate prête son visage à la marque.  Et ça repart comme en 40!

« I’m putting on my Rimmel dear » was a common morning phrase.

When?  Not that long ago.  Let’s say when women did not wear torn jeans or slippers in the streets.  When men were opening doors.  And when having fun was hanging around sipping a Soda with friends at the local Drugstore.  Later going to a drive-in movie with a cutie in a convertible.  In my case, my own…

Time goes by, sure, but what comes around goes around.

« What’s new? – Moses!  » as Eddy would say!

Kate is not new in the business but she’s still on top of her game right?  We call this being there to stay.  That’s what I’m trying to achieve…

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