“‘The world has used China as a cheap manufacturing land,’ said Shu Shu Chen, communications director for the Hermes Chinese fashion line Shang Xia. ‘This has been the defining thing for the past 10, 20, 30 years. The time has come to move on from that idea.’… While the Far East has traditionally been associated with cheap labor and shoddy production, its reputation is changing—and attracting big name brands. »

That’s a fact.  It’s the country to watch right now.  All major Luxury Brands are investing there.  Following Russia and the Arab countries, it’s now China that spends the most.

Ni Hao China!

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  1. Living and working in China for the last three years, I have seen luxury brands making it big in China. But there is still no true Chinese luxury brand. And if Hermes wants to shift production there, they might be in for a surprise as their clientele wants an imported product. Otherwise they will just buy a cheap copy, « Made in China ».

    « Made in France » still carry a lot of weight in the Middle Empire.

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