When it comes to life and to living, we don’t know what’s going to happen. We don’t know where we’ll be, or who will be there with us. The future has yet to be written, and as the days unfold, so do our stories. I think that’s kind of the magic of it all. That we live with endless adventures and possibilities. We can’t control everything around us, nor, should we want to. Which is why, most of life is a leap of faith. Faith in ourselves and in others. Faith in the sky, and in our wings. Those first steps in a new direction can be scary or difficult. Do we go cautiously? Or do we throw ourselves without warning, into the wind, and hope for the best? Maybe our landings will be rocky and we find that we have to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. Maybe they will be smooth, and for a while, we find ourselves content. Or maybe, with the biggest leaps of all, our landings will take us to a place where dreams are reality, where our hearts fly, and where our story truly begins. One leap could start it all.

~ Unknown Author

(Thank you Christine Kysely)

Photo: Jenny Packham/fall 2012 collection

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