Screening the new ads for Fall Fashion, I noticed that, again this year, families are in as a group shot for various designers.  And story-telling is strong.

Here are a few photos to illustrate that trend.

Craig McDean for Tommy Hillfigher

Love story for DKNY

Viva Italia and a tribute to Monica Bellucci in MALENA for Dolce&Gabbana

Giampaolo Squra did a wonderful job

Friendship for VALENTINO, by the Master, Deborah Turbeville

And finally, the real new trend, VINTAGE MODELS for LANVIN.  Very avant-garde.  After the under 13, now the over 60.

This model above is 80!

This second one must be in her late 60′


For moi, no one beats the beautiful CARMEN DELL’OREFICE I blogged about a while ago.  She is stunning and way in her 80′

Hang in there girls, there’s hope around the corner!

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