To me, she’s like a child.  More so, totallty me when I was about five years old.

You know… when we get to an age where we want to dress like grown-ups.  When life is all about costumes!  Dresses, shoes, hair, makeup, it’s all about invention and fun.  Fashion according to …

The thing is that she never really grew up.  She remained at that stage in her life.  But then again, « the world is a stage » as the song says…

Here is the Lady in various apparels.  If she would not exist, I guess we could not invent her.  Larger than life.

She’s having back problems the press says.

Hello!  Suprise?  With heels that high, who wouldn’t?

But then FUN prevails I guess.

Especially if you are on of her  « little monster » !

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