I love horse racing.   Don’t ask, couldn’t tell you why, considering I am afraid of horses but deeply touched by them.  Moovies involving horses always make me cry.  Embarrasing sometimes, especially on a first date!

SECRETARIAT, SEABISCUIT, PHAR LAP,BLACK STALLION, BARBARO  crushed me.  I was devasted when  Horses and their trainers and owners often have powerful stories.  OURASI in France was the epitomy of courage and will to win, a role-model of it’s own.

The Tripple Chase is a must-see for moi.  And the Kentucky Derby an apotheosis.   Go boys!  You are the living Pegasus!

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  1. Have you seen The Horse Whisperer? Different from horse racing, but very touching and emotional. As a horse rider myself, I have always had a hard time watching it till the end. So powerful!

  2. Of course! I read the book first when it came out. Make sure you rent the « Wild Horse Redemption », a 2009 documentary.
    Animal Kingdom won the race by surprise, flying his way to the post. Briliant and unexpected. Race is online.

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